HSPT Tutoring

HSPT Scoring and Score Reports

The scoring and score reports for standardized testing can sometimes be confusing. Here is a guide for scoring for the HSPT. Closed HSPT/Pre-HSPT Standard Scoring Service and Sample Reports HSPT® Interpretive Manual (download): The Interpretive manual is a guide to understanding HSPT scores and drawing conclusions about student performance. Rank-Order List Reports: arrange students from high to low based on their composite scores (two copies). Pressure-Sensitive Labels: show each student’s cognitive skills quotient (CSQ), standard…

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HSPT Test Types

The High School Placement Test (HSPT®) was the first test battery designed specifically to deal with selection and/or placement of students entering high school from various elementary schools. Since 1955, the HSPT has provided measures in the major skill areas as well as cognitive skill criteria resulting in the most comprehensive placement test available. The entire battery is standardized at the same time with a population of entering high school students. This produces results that…

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Frequently Asked Questions about the HSPT

Do you or your child have questions about taking the HSPT? See if your questions is answered by this list of Frequently Asked Questions about the HSPT. What is the HSPT? The HSPT is a nationally-recognized private school entrance examination available to students as part of the private school application process. The exam covers the following subjects: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Language. The exam typically takes 3 hours to complete with…

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