Boston Tutoring Services was exactly what we needed for our son. They connected us with a great tutor who was very effective and very easy to schedule around our busy lives. Most importantly, our son was very comfortable and happy with his tutor, Liz Stilwell. He is certain that his tutoring made a big difference in his ISEE test scores and recently remarked that the tutoring is still paying dividends for him in the classroom.

- Paul A., Charlestown, MA

Scott Weaver did a wonderful job working with our daughter on the ISEE. He was unfailingly and infectiously positive, upbeat and energetic. Our daughter truly enjoyed her math sessions. Scott always came prepared with a lesson plan, bringing manipulatives such as Legos and various containers to help convey mathematical concepts. He also used creative activities which got our daughter up and moving; using her whole body to solve math problems. Scott balanced teaching math skills with test-taking strategies. I was impressed with Scott’s insightful advice on how to approach questions on the ISEE test and test traps to look out for. While working with Scott, our daughter went from a tentative math pupil to a confident and enthusiastic math kid. She has retained that confidence and strength throughout the school year and has had straight A’s in her school math class.

- Beth T., Newton, MA

We have been working with Boston Tutoring Services for several months. The manager always responds to requests promptly. We were matched with the tutor for my son ISEE preparation as well as with the interview coach. Both were absolutely great. I highly recommend this company and plan to use their services in the future.

- Irina A.

Our 10 year-old-son started working with one of Boston Tutoring Services’ tutors in September of 2012 in preparation for the lower level ISEE exam. Our tutor, Morgan Gottfried, was responsive, helpful and informed about the test and how to succeed. We later transitioned into weekly math tutoring sessions in order to have sanity in our house and to avoid the dreaded pre-algebra phase. We found that an external tutor provided just the right amount of credibility and support to allow our son to break some bad habits and build his confidence. Alexandra is always on top of every detail and worked seamlessly with us to select a tutor with the right kind of style and approach. We have been able to be flexible about the timing of my son’s Skype sessions which has allowed everything to keep working in our busy household. It has been a great experience.

- Elaine W., Walpole, MA

My son’s tutor for ISEE prep was excellent. Kelsey Kosan quickly spotted my son’s strengths and weaknesses and adapted her teaching accordingly, enabling my son to learn a great deal in just a few hours. The tutor was also extremely nice and managed to make 90 minute tutoring sessions bearable to an 11 year old.

- Lexy P.