The SAT Test is Changing Again: Are You Prepared?

The SAT test is changing again, and your child will need to be fully prepared for these changes. Working with a private SAT tutor will give your child the background they need to understand the ins and outs of the test, especially the test-taking strategies. As the following article states, a high SAT score is crucial for college admission, and test prep is the most important step in college acceptance.

SAT college entrance exam, a dreaded rite of passage, to get another makeover

The SAT – that dreaded rite of passage for teenagers planning to go to college – will get a thorough redesign by the College Board. One reason for the changes is to align the test with the Common Core curriculum, which are the new learning standards adopted by 45 states.

“An improved SAT will strongly focus on the core knowledge and skills that evidence shows are most important to prepare students for the rigors of college and career,” David Coleman, president of the College Board said in a statement. Coleman called it an ambitious effort to better meet the needs of students and schools.