Now is the Time to Prepare for SAT and SAT II Subject Tests

Now that school is back in session, it’s a great time to begin SAT test preparation and those SAT II Subject Tests. Working with a private tutor will ensure that your child is getting the personalized attention so that they can learn the most up-to-date test-taking strategies, and develop an individual game plan for attacking these tests. As the following article states, SAT II Subject Tests are required by many colleges and universities, and now is the time to get back into the test preparation game for best results.

SAT Subject Tests Matter

The SAT II Subject Tests are an important, but often neglected part of the college application process. Indeed, the exams are challenging both in the breadth of material for which students are responsible and in terms of the scale used to produce final scores — SAT II Subject Tests attract a self-selecting group of test takers, which makes achieving a “good” score highly competitive. But however tempting it is to delay planning a strategy for taking them, it is definitely not a good idea to procrastinate for too long. And right now, when students are heading into the second half of the academic calendar, it is, in fact, a good time to move these exams from the back, to the front burner.

Ivy League and other selective institutions — will more than likely have to take two SAT II Subject Tests and for a few of these schools (e.g., Georgetown), they will even be required to submit three test scores. Daunting as it may seem, it’s wise for students and their families to begin mapping out appropriate SAT II Subject Tests and testing dates as early as 9th grade. It’s a tremendous advantage to have these “pesky” exams in the rear view mirror by the end of the junior year when the college application process is definitely in high gear for everyone.