SAT Test Prep is Beneficial for even the Highest Scoring Students

Now matter how good a student your child is, the results of his or her SAT score can play just as big a role as your child’s entire high school transcript. Even with straight A’s, your child is not guaranteed a place in a top-notch school. SAT scores are a crucial component to admission to college, and as the following article describes, SAT test prep is the best way to prepare your child to do his or her best on the SATs.

Preparing for the SAT

According to Steven Cruz, president of Omega Educational Consulting in New York City, the SAT or ACT score has considerable weight in a college application and is, in fact, approximately equal in importance to the high school transcript. Although the ratio is an estimate and varies from applicant to applicant, the observation is worth restating: a single exam is equally important to four years of schoolwork. Knowing that one three and a half hour-plus marathon of SAT or ACT questions that are mostly multiple choice and mechanically graded with no partial credit stands to ruin or at best neutralize four years of diligence and impressive achievement in high school classes is enough to make any student sweat.