Beat the SAT with Test-Taking Strategies

The SAT Test is easy to prep for in many ways, because there are tricks and strategies that allow you to break through the questions and follow predictable formulas. The SAT test is built around the same format each time so if you work with a private tutor, they will be able to teach you the keys to unlocking those riddles. As the following article states, using the test-taking strategies specific to the SAT test and working with a private tutor will allow you to achieve a high SAT score.

Beat the SAT at its Own Game

High school seniors, take note. It’s the fall semester and now is the time to take the SAT. (Preferably for your second time. Students tend to do better on their second attempt.)
I know what you’re thinking. Why do I have to take the SAT? Is it mandatory? How come it’s so different from typical school tests?
You should take the SAT because many colleges require it as part of their application process, and the SAT is weird because it is an aptitude test and not a knowledge test. The SAT doesn’t so much quiz you on what you know as much as it quizzes you on how you approach problems from a critical perspective.
The good news is that you don’t need to be a math whiz to perform well on this part of the exam. You just need to know the tricks that the test throws at you and how to dodge them in order to arrive at the answer. And since this is a timed test, getting good at efficiently answering questions is the best way to boost your score and feel comfortable while sitting in those climate-controlled examination rooms.
The SAT is a test that can be approached in a variety of ways, so find the method that’s best for you and stick with it!