SAT Test Prep is no Longer an Option, but a Necessity

SAT test preparation is no longer an option, but a necessity. Without learning the test-taking strategies, time-management, and specific SAT test techniques, your score will not be able to reach a competitive level for college admission. As the following article states, ensuring that you prepare for the SAT test is vital for a high score and acceptance to college.

Sitting for the SAT

How many times a student should take the SAT test is debatable. It is certainly not advisable to take the test if you have not undergone significant preparation first.

The test involves strict time constraints and students who are not ready for this are likely to suffer when it comes to scoring as they do not have time to complete all the questions competently.

Furthermore, SAT scores are averaged. If a student takes the test three times their score will be the average of these three tests, not their best score. Low scores from early tests that students are not prepared for will drag down scores of any future efforts. A student would be very unwise to attempt the test without some form of preparation or coaching.