SSAT Test Prep Ensures High Test Score

The SSAT test requires a great deal of preparation, because the private schools who use the test as an admission tool only accept about 20% of applicants. SSAT scores are used as a cut-off among elite private schools, and without a very high score, your child will not be admitted. Working with a private SSAT tutor will allow your child to perform to the best of their ability on test day.

Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)

Each year thousands of applicants are refused entry into their parents choice of private school because they did not achieve a high enough result from the SSAT test that has become a standard test used by private schools, and military and boarding schools throughout the US.

Private schools have high expectations of their pupils and also only accept the individuals with the highest chance of excelling in their private school education. The main way they are able to know a child will do well within their private school is from the results achieved during the SSAT test. These results enable them to decide who has the ability to do well in their institution and simply passing the test is not enough. Most schools are looking for those who are amongst the highest marks possible. It is a fact that 8 out of 10 students who sit the test will not gain entry. In order to stand a chance the student must excel during the test to prove they have the potential to do well in the private school and graduate with high marks in orders to be part of the statistics of high pass rates that the schools aims for. As the top private schools have no shortage of parents wanting their kids attend they can afford to pick only the those who come out of the SSAT test with the highest score.