PSAT and SAT II Subject Tests–Start Prep Sophomore Year

Students who begin the process of test preparation in their Sophomore year of high school can often have a huge leg up on other students, with less stress put upon them Junior year. If you get your SAT II Subject tests out of the way while you are taking the subject called for (such as Biology), the subject will be fresher in your mind. If you can start preparing for the PSAT, not only will your score be better, but you will qualify for more scholarships, especially the National Merit Scholarship. Work with a private tutor in Sophomore year to begin the process and get ahead of the competition.

    7 things high school sophomores should be doing

    If you will be a high school sophomore in the fall, the prospects of going to college should be becoming more real. Consider taking the PSAT in October. This pre-SAT test is typically for juniors, but at plenty of high schools sophomores also take it. The PSAT can provide students with an idea of how they might fare with the SAT. By getting an assessment early, there is plenty of time to address weaknesses.
    Take SAT Subject Tests. If a student is interested in schools that require SAT Subject Tests, he or she should try to take the relevant exam right after completing the high school course. These tests are available in such courses as U.S. history, chemistry, mathematics, foreign languages, and molecular or ecological biology. Most colleges and universities don’t require these extra tests, but those that do may want scores in one to three subjects.