The ISEE test does not always present the materials that students have learned in school in a way in which they feel comfortable approaching. Just being a strong student is not enough to feel prepared for the limits of the testing environment, such as timing and pacing throughout the test. Only through practice and one-on-one tutoring that focuses on strengthening test-taking strategies can a student apply what they have learned in school and feel prepared for the experience of taking the ISEE.

ISEE Test Prep – Avoid These 3 Pitfalls While preparing For The ISEE

Because of the competitive nature of private school admissions, it is necessary that you help your son or daughter prepare for the ISEE test. Cramming for exams rarely works. The ISEE is testing skill sets and abilities, maybe not specific facts and figures. Your son or daughter is going to do far better on the test when they have sufficient time for you to practice and apply concepts such as for example reading comprehension, math problem-solving, and organizational writing skills. Then, the abilities could be applied throughout test day.