Taking Both the SAT and the ACT is the New Best Policy for College Admission

It’s now common practice for students to take both the SAT and the ACT tests. Studies have continued to come forth showing that College Admissions Officers highly value the student who takes both, and who can achieve a high score on different testing methods. Working with a private tutor will help you enhance your test-taking skills and prepare you to do your best on both tests.

As SAT Test Taking Numbers Level Off and ACT Numbers Increase, Kaplan Test Prep’s Annual Survey of College Admissions Officers Finds 18% of Colleges Report An Advantage to Applicants’ Submitting Scores from Both Tests

With more than half of the nation’s high school graduates taking the SAT or the ACT, new data shows that extra motivated test takers may have an edge. Nearly one of out five (18%) admissions officers responded, “Yes,” to the question: “Is there any advantage to an applicant’s submitting both an SAT and an ACT score, instead of only one score, assuming both scores are strong?”

“While the vast majority of schools say there’s no advantage to submitting scores from both tests, 18% is enough of a percentage to take notice,” said Choe. “With applicants competing for every advantage in the college admissions process, it may be one strategy to consider, as taking both tests can be viewed by some as a sign of extra drive and motivation.” 18% of admissions officers said that a low SAT or ACT score is “the biggest application killer.”