Start SSAT Test Prep Early and Enlist a Tutor

Preparing for the SSAT test is a serious endeavor, and it is best to start early and work with a private tutor who can isolate your child’s specific areas of weakness. Customizing instruction so your child can learn the specific test-taking strategies is the best way to ensure a high score. As the following article states, take your time with SSAT test prep, and enlist a tutor for maximum benefits.

7 Best Practices to Prepare for the SSAT

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a standardized test used by private schools to help them determine who to accept during the admission process. Private schools are highly selective and are only able to accept a certain number of students. Due to the variation of standards between public schools, basing admission on the applicant’s public school GPA is inherently flawed. This led to the development of the SSAT to gauge an applicant’s understanding of core concepts and abilities.

Success on the SSAT can be ensured by following the below best practices. Robert Kennedy, a former private school admissions board member, suggests that proper preparation is essential for success.
Kennedy also suggests beginning your study well in advance, anywhere from six months to a year before you are planning on taking the SSAT. Once you determine your deficiencies, pay special attention to them when you are studying. Allocate more time to study your weak areas than your strengths.
Seek help from your current teachers, parents and tutors to help prepare you for the SSAT. Having an SSAT tutor can give you an advocate in preparation.
The SSAT is not to be entered into lightly. Enrolling for testing and showing up is a crucial step in ensuring your success, but it will not guarantee it. By avoiding last minute cramming and practicing the above preparation techniques, you can be successful when taking the SSAT.