ISEE Test Prep Takes Time, Practice, and Guidance from a Tutor

A high ISEE score comes from practicing regularly for at least 6 months, in order to make sure that you are fully prepared for all aspects of the ISEE test. Working with a tutor who can help you learn the test-taking strategies is vital for success. As the following article states, the ISEE is a very challenging test, and cramming never works–make sure you take your time and practice regularly.

5 Strategies for Admissions Test Preparation

Most private schools require candidates for admission to take a standardized test. Essentially what the schools are trying to determine is how prepared you are for the academic work which they want you to be able to do.

Start Test Prep Early. Begin final preparation for your admissions test in the spring for testing in the following fall. While these standardized tests measure what you have learned over the course of many years, you should begin working some practice tests in the spring and summer before you actually take the real thing in the late fall.

Last minute cramming is not going to be very productive when it comes to learning material you should have been learning over several years. Knowing what is expected is just as important as taking practice tests. Know what material will be covered. Learn all the variations in the way a question can be presented or worded.